A trading journal designed to make you improve.

TradeStream integrates with all of your favorite crypto exchanges to provide in-depth performance tracking for your trading


Performance overview

A comprehensive overview of your trading performance.

Customize and personalize your performance dashboard to fit your exact needs. Whether you are a scalper, swing trader or algorithmic trader you will be able to build the perfect dashboard just for you.

Trade journal

❌ Spreadsheets

Life is too short for Excel and Google Sheets

Reflect and analyze on individual trades in the journal. With our filtering modules you can cut through the noise and find any type of trades no matter how specific your criteria is.


We handle the boring stuff

Instantly sync all of your trades

We automatically download all of your trades using read-only API Keys. After this all your trades are analyzed by our proprietary algorithms.

Hours a week that you will save using TradeStream

Professional analytics (coming soon)

Hedge fund level analytics without the boring stuff

Are you closing positions too early? Losing money on certain types of setups? Leaving money on the table with bad execution? Answer those questions and many more with our reports.


Early Riser or Night Owl 🦉

See which periods are the most profitable

Maybe you're the Wolf of Wall Street from 9am to 12am while you're barely breakeven between 6pm to 9pm. With our calendar and heatmap you can easily see during what periods you are profitable and figure out why.

How it works

Connect your account

Add your exchange account to TradeStream using API keys.


TradeStream will start automatically fetching all of your trades and analyzing them.

Start improving

All your trading analytics will instantly be available to make you improve.

Military Grade Privacy

Your data is private and should only be accessible by you. To protect your data we use a variety of methods including military grade AES256 encryption.

Data encryption

Security audits (planned)

Rotating encryption keys

Read-only API keys

Your one-stop solution for performance tracking and trade journaling

TradeStream integrates with all your favourite crypto exchanges to provide in-depth performance tracking for your trading.